Commercial & Residential Roofing

We service all types of commercial and residential roof repair needs, from damaged sheathing to long-term maintenance.

Your roof is one of the most expensive and important elements of your house, and making sure it is in good condition is vital. Your property’s roof provides an important functionality: Drainage, Shelter, and Ventilation. Every structure needs to be waterproof, stable, and secure in order to protect you.

We’re Licensed and Insured

We install several different types of products. Asphalt shingles, rubber/flat roofing, standing seam metal, standing seam snap lock, Epdm rubber, TPO rubber, clay tile, and slate

We are certified to install all of our products in a professional manner.

We offer warranties per manufacturer and shingle of your choice- all workmanship warrantied for 10 plus yrs.

True 24 hr leak repairs

Call us anytime any day! We will come and fix your leak and then we will give you a couple of different options on steps we can take to fix your problem.

 Snow/ice dam removal – call us if your roof needs to be shoveled off, or if you need your ice dams removed from your home. There are several different ways to remove them depending on your current roof. 

Different Types of Roofing Repairs 

One of the most common roofing problems that require maintenance is leakage. Leaks often occur at the internal angle or valley where two sloping roof planes intersect. Improper installation or overlapping shingles are generally the cause of such leaks. To prevent them, it is important to clear the snow, leaves, and debris that collect in the valley. Clearing out your gutters and the valley can help prevent future leaks. Leaks can also occur in the chimney area because water runs through there is an open joint and onto the sheathing. Strong winds can drive rain around the counter flashing because it doesn’t overlap enough with the base flashing. 

Another type of repair you could need is chimney flashing repair, because chimneys often leak, mostly due to their sheet metal flashings. It’s easy to spot the culprit of such an issue by searching for water-stained ceilings or other symptoms of leakage in the chimney area. If your chimney flashing is missing, rusted, falling out, or covered in tar, you have to install a new chimney flashing. A good opportunity to get new flashing installed is whenever you have your new shingles put in. Tar often hides larger issues with your chimney flashing.

Storm damage to your roof often requires repairs, as extreme weather like wind, rain, and hail can cause a lot of damage. Shingles can be torn or blown off by wind or weakened and dented by hail. Some storm damage is hidden, and even though it is not obvious it can start causing problems weeks or even months after the storm. 

For more information about our commercial & residential roofing, contact the expert installers at Anderson’s Seamless Gutter Systems.

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